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Observatoire du monde arabo-musulman et du Sahel - Fondation pour la recherche stratégique

The Observatoire du monde arabo-musulman et du Sahel (Observatoire of Arab-Muslim World and Sahel) aims to give an experts and researchers glances over interconnected and sometimes conflictual zones.

The Observatoire contributes to reinforce the knowledge of this complex area through an interdisciplinary approach mixing French and Foreigners policy analysts, strategy experts, economists, sociologists and anthropologists and the exchange with various administrations. Round-tables, seminars, are organized on a regular basis (with an Annual Conference) and notes and studies published.

We put the hinge on the fact that the Observatoire pursues a weekly survey on Arab social networks (published in French.)


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Publications of the Observatoire


Prospects for peace in Yemen

Helen Lackner, 12 octobre 2018

The Emirate of Kuwait Challenged by Succession

Carine Lahoud Tatar, 28 septembre 2018

Egypt after the presidential elections

Clément Steuer, 1er septembre 2018

Palestinian Arab Protest in Israel today

Elisabeth Marteu, 30 août 2018

Post-ISIS: Mapping Mosul’s Challenges

Renad Mansour, Alia Al-Kadi, 9 juillet 2018

Archives 2016

Current Developments in the Egyptian Salafist Scene, Clément Steuer, 24 novembre 2016