Research team

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Chemical and biological proliferation/non-proliferation; Chemical and biological terrorism; Defence and security issues related to advances in the life sciences; Health and medical issues related to the field of defence and security; Health crisis management and governance; Conventional arms control.

Professional experience

Research Fellow at FRS since 2005 November 2014 - March 2015, Biology Officer, State Protection and Security Directorate, SGDSN (made available by the FRS as part of a replacement); January - September 2003, Pharmacy Extern then Intern, Central Pharmacy of the University Hospital of Poitiers; September - December 2002, Clinical Research Associate, Central Pharmacy of the University Hospital of Poitiers.

Other ongoing activities

Since 2010, co-organisation of the Geopolitics module, with the MGI Binder (2S), and interventions within the framework of the Masters "Sciences and Technologies" in Public Health and Social Sciences on Radionuclear, biological and chemical health risks, organised in partnership with the Military Health Service (Val-de-Grâce School), the Atomic Energy Commission, and with the participation of the French Ministry of the Interior (Civil Health Directorate) and the Ministry of Health (General Health Directorate).


PhD in Pharmacy, thesis on "Bioterrorism and biological warfare" under the supervision of Professor Agius, Head of the Microbiology Department B, CHU Poitiers (2004);

DESS "Arms Control and Disarmament", thesis on "Medical capacities for prevention and treatment in the fight against proliferation and chemical and biological terrorism", under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer Binder (2004);

DU Sécurité et sûreté biologiques, "Management des risques liés à la manipulation des agents biologiques pathogènes dans les milieux de la santé humaine et vétérinaire", Université de Lille 2, in partnership with the Ecole du Val-de-Grâce and the Institut Pasteur (2012).