In the Media

This category includes every intervention made by the FRS researchers in press publications and other media, in order to inform about topical international subjects.

« Will France Keep Its Interest in the Asia-Pacific? »
Valérie Niquet, The Diplomat, 27 juin 2017
« New EU army headquarters branded little more than a 'call centre' »
François Heisbourg (interview), The Telegraph, 20 mai 2017
Emmanuel Macron's Foreign Policy Doctrine(s)
Bruno Tertrais, François Heisbourg (interview), Politico, 8 mai 2017
« Fearing U.S. Withdrawal, Europe Considers Its Own Nuclear Deterrent »
Bruno Tertrais (interview), The New York Times, 6 mars 2017
« For Europe, There’s a New Threat in Town: The U.S. »
François Heisbourg (interview), The New York Times, 2 février 2017
« Francois Fillon and the Danger of Dancing with the Russian Bear »
par François Heisbourg, Financial Times, 28 novembre 2016
« France Unveils New FTI Frigate Designed for the French Navy and Export »
Hélène Masson (interview), Defense News, 18 octobre 2016
Judy Asks : Can Russia End the War in Syria ?
François Heisbourg (interview), Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe (Carnegie Europe), 28 septembre 2016
With each attack, France nudges rightward on security
François Heisbourg (interview), Politico, 26 juillet 2016
« After Warsaw: NATO, Russia and the Future of Security in Europe »
par Bruno Tertrais, The Interpreter, 18 juillet 2016