Notes de la FRS

FRS notes are short commentaries on current events, based on work produced by the research team. The authors are solely responsible for their contents.

Archives 2017

12/2017 Thinking Twice about Iran’s Missile Trends: The Threat is Real but Different than Predicted, Stéphane Delory, Can Kasapoglu, June 2017

10/2017 North Korea's capabilities and South Korea's dilemma, Antoine Bondaz, June 2017

08/2017 A treaty banning nuclear weapons: diversion or breakthrough? , Emmanuelle Maître, March 2017

07/2017 War and Opportunity: the Turkistan Islamic Party and the Syrian Conflict, Antoine Vagneur-Jones, March 2017

Archives 2016

17/2016 Yamal LNG: an economic project under political pressure, Aurélie Bros, Tatiana A. Mitrova, August 2016

16/2016 Satisfaction, frustration and vigilance for the JCPOA’s first anniversary, Emmanuelle Maître, July 2016

15/2016 A Critical Response to NATO Rethink, Realign, React , Hall Gardner, June 2016

11/2016 The political and military implications of the Minsk 2 agreements, Mathieu Boulègue, May 2016

08/2016 Nato, the F35 and European Nuclear Dilemmas , Emmanuelle Maître, February 2016

01/2016 Russia's Evolving Nuclear Doctrine and its Implications, Elbridge Colby, January 2016

Archives 2013

29/2013 Russia and the Nordic region: challenges and prospects for cooperation between the EU and Russia, Katri Pynnöniemi, December 2013

27/2013 Prevention and management of election-related violence in Kenya : Awareness campaigns and freedom of speech, Mathieu Mérino, November 2013

26/2013 Security of Supply Challenges and European Defence Technological and Industrial Base : Debates & Dilemmas (II), Hélène Masson (ed.), Antonio Fonfría, Alessandro Marrone, Harri Mikkola, Marcin Terlikowski, October 2013

24/2013 Foreign Fighters in Syria: Still Doing Battle, Still a Multidimensional Danger, Sharon L. Cardash, Frank J. Cilluffo, Jean-Luc Marret, August 2013

23/2013 Defining the « European Defence Technological and Industrial Base »: Debates & Dilemmas (I), Hélène Masson (ed.), Christian Mölling, Keith Hartley, Martin Lundmark, Krzysztof Soloch, July 2013

21/2013 Nordic Defence cooperation: Background, current trends and future prospects, Juha Jokela & Tuomas Iso-Markku, June 2013

19/2013 NORDIKA Programme - Visegrad Group defense cooperation: what added value for the European capabilities?, Madej Marek, June 2013

18/2013 Regulatory and economic instruments in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050: financial impacts on industry?, Alexandre Taithe, June 2013

12/2013 Synergies between EU and NATO? Specialisation as the litmus test for “Smart Defence” and “Pooling and Sharing” , Claudia Major & Christian Mölling, May 2013

10/2013 NATO Military Partnerships: The US National Guard State Partnership as the driving force for pre-accession and long-term cooperation, Samir Battiss, May 2013

08/2013 Africa and the Chemical Weapons Convention, Noël Stott, April 2013

07/2013 Known and Unknowns: President Obama’s Lethal Drone Doctrine, Jaclyn Tandler, April 2013

04/2013 French defence policy in a time of uncertainties, Yves Boyer, January 2013

Archives 2012

08/2012 Any Chance for Inclusive Intergovernmentalism? The Prospects for a Franco-Polish Partnership in the European Union, Elżbieta Kaca & Krzysztof Soloch, October 2012

05/2012 On the Road to disengagement? Envisioning a long-term strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Michael F. Harsch, Hannes Ebert, and Lindsay P. Cohn, May 2012

Archives 2010

07/2010 The Role and Perception of China after the Crisis, Valérie Niquet, August 2010

Archives 2009

04/2009 The Political and Strategic Conditions of Nuclear Disarmament, Bruno Tertrais, June 2009

Archives 2008

10/2008 The West and post-Putin Russia: does Russia “leave the West”?, Isabelle Facon, April 2008

09/2008 Uncertain Afghanistan, Yves Boyer & Franz Borkenhagen, April 2008

Archives 2007

02/2007 For a consistent policy in the struggle against proliferation networks, Bruno Gruselle & Guillaume Schlumberger, January 2007

Archives 2006

36/2006 Proliferation networks : between Sopranos and Supermarket, Guillaume Schlumberger & Bruno Gruselle, August 2006