Other publications and works

This category includes publications signed by FRS researchers in journals and books in France, in Europe or abroad, as well as certain other, exceptional publications.

Latest publications

« Will Europe Get Its Own Bomb ? »

Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, July 2019

Trump’s Trap: Europe, Iran, and the Future of the Nuclear Deal

Bruno Tertrais, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, July 2019

« Missile Technology and Challenges Arising from its Proliferation »

Stéphane Delory, in Capturing Technology. Rethinking Arms Control, Federal Foreign Office, June 2019

« Challenges for the Future of Space Defence »

Xavier Pasco, Cahiers de la RDN, June 2019

« North Korea as a Nuclear State »

Benjamin Hautecouverture, Pouvoirs, June 2019

The Finger on the Button

Bruno Tertrais, CNS of MIIS in Monterey, April 2019

NATO is doing fine, but the Atlantic Alliance is in trouble

Bruno Tertrais, Nato Defense College, April 2019

Archives 2019

European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues, Collectif, February 2019

The Finger on the Button: The Authority to Use Nuclear Weapons in the Nuclear-Armed States, Bruno Tertrais & Jeffery Lewis, James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies, February 2019

EU preparedness against CBRN weapons, Elisande Nexon & Claude Wachtel, European Parliament, Sub Committee on Security and Defence, February 2019

Dealing with violent extremist and terrorist offenders: Formalising cooperation among police, prison, probation and prosecution, Jean-Luc Marret, Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Centre of Excellence, February 2019

« A Second Nuclear Age? A View From France », Bruno Tertrais in Rakesh Sood (ed.), Nuclear Order in the Twenty-First Century, Observer Research Foundation (ORF), February 2019

The Franco-German Tandem: Bridging the Gap on Nuclear, Emmanuelle Maitre, IFRI, janvier 2019

Archives 2018

The European Dimension of Nuclear Deterrence : French and British Policies and Future Scenarios, Bruno Tertrais, FIIA, novembre 2018

« Europe's Defence: Revisiting the Impact of Brexit », François Heisbourg, Survival, novembre 2018

« Red Herring & Black Swan: A Bomb for Europe? », Bruno Tertrais, Berlin Policy Journal, November 2018

Countering hybrid threats: EU and the Western Balkans case, Isabelle Facon, Nicolas Mazzuchi & Jean-Jacques Patry, European Parliament, Sub Committee on Security and Defence, septembre 2018

Public hearing on nuclear deterrence, Benjamin Hautecouverture, European Parliament, July 2018

Trump’s Trap: Europe, Iran, and the Future of the Nuclear Deal, Bruno Tertrais, AJCS, June 2018

Speech on the DPRK at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw, Antoine Bondaz, Assemblée Parlementaire de l'Otan, June 2018

« Responses to Lewis A. Dunn's proposal of "strategic weapons" », Emmanuelle Maitre, The Nonproliferation Review, May 2018

The Mechanisms of Prevention and Detection of CBRN Illegal Material Transfers Across Borders and Within the EU, Elisande Nexon & Claude Wachtel, European Parliament (Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, TERR), May 2018

« Russia’s Nuclear Policy: Worrying for the Wrong Reasons », Bruno Tertrais, Survival, April 2018

The Legacy of France's Colonial Past in Asia and its Consequences for Contemporary International Relations and Conflict Resolution, Valérie Niquet, JIIA, March 2018

Does Russia really include limited nuclear strikes in its large-scale military exercises?, Bruno Tertrais, IISS (The Survival Editors' Blog), February 2018

Between substance and appearance: China’s « smile diplomacy » towards Japan decrypted, Valérie Niquet, JIIA, February 2018

Archives 2017

« The Thick Red Line: Implications of the 2013 Chemical-Weapons Crisis for Deterrence and Transatlantic Relations », Bruno Tertrais, Jeffrey Lewis, Survival, Volume 59, 2017 - Issue 6, December 2017

Innovative Methods and Procedures to Assess Counter-violent-radicalisation Techniques in Europe, Jean-Luc Marret, IMPACT (Europe), December 2017

Testimony before the European Parliament on North Korea, December 7th, 2017, Antoine Bondaz, December 2017

Notebook on International Defence Companies 2017, Hélène Masson, Kévin Martin, DGA/FRS, November 2017

The Grim Gamble of the Trump Administration on Iran, Emmanuelle Maitre, ELN Commentary, November 2017

A statistical approach to ownership: links between the major european and US contractor​, Jean Belin, Hélène Masson, ARES/IRIS Report, pp.29-35, septembre 2017

Disrupting Launch Systems: The Rise of Spacex and European Access to Space, Paul Wohrer, août 2017

Tabletop Exercise on the Implementation of Article VII of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, Jean Pascal Zanders, Elisande Nexon, Ralf Trapp, July 2017

« On The Brink”—Really? Revisiting Nuclear Close Calls Since 1945 », Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, Eté 2017

« Kaesong, Caught between Two Koreas », Antoine Bondaz, Books & Ideas, June 2017

Reforming Ukrainian Defense: No Shortage of Challenge, Isabelle Facon, Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 101, IFRI, May 2017

« Tsai Ing-wen’s New Southbound Policy: the view from the mainland », Antoine Bondaz, China Analysis (ECFR), avril 2017

Challenges to Freedom of the Seas and Maritime Rivalry in Asia, Patrick Hébrard, European Parliament, Sub-Committee on Security and Defence, mars 2017

« The Emperor vs the Adults: Donald Trump and Wilhelm II », François Heisbourg, Survival, avril-mai 2017

Russia’s National Security Strategy and Military Doctrine and their Implications for the EU , Isabelle Facon, European Parliament, Sub-Committee on Security and Defence, février 2017

« Russian Strategic Culture in the 21st Century: Redefining the West-East Balance », Isabelle Facon in Strategic Asia 2016-17: Understanding Strategic Cultures in the Asia-Pacific, The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), January 2017

EU-India Cooperation on Space and Security, Isabelle Sourbes-Verger, IAI, décembre 2106

Archives 2016

« The Future of the U.S.  Alliance System : Will It Survive the Trump Presidency? », François Heisbourg, Foreign Affairs (Snapshot), December 2016

« Back to the Basics: Counterterrorism Cooperation and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation », Marc Julienne in China and Russia : Gaming the West, ECFR, octobre 2016

The Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation: Relevance to African States, Nicolas Kasprzyk, Emmanuelle Maitre, Xavier Pasco, Noël Stott, Institute for Security Studies (ISS), septembre 2016

« Radical Islamic Terrorism in France: A Structural Threat? », Jean-François Daguzan in Daesh and the terrorist threat: from the Middle East to Europe, FEPS & Fondazione Italianieuropei, August 2016

Article 5 of the Washington Treaty: Its Origins, Meaning and Future, Bruno Tertrais, NATO Research Paper, May 2016

The effects of Finland's possible NATO membership, François Heisbourg, Mats Bergquist, René Nyberg, Teija Tiilikainen, Finland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, April 2016

The PLA reforms : Tightening control over the military, Marc Julienne in « Xi's army : Reform and loyalty in the PLA », China Analysis, mars 2016

Alliance at Risk : Strengthening European Defense in an Age of Turbulence and Competition, François Heisbourg, Atlantic Council, février 2016

«The Revenge of History », Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, janvier 2016

Archives 2015

« The Strategic Implications of the Syrian Refugee Crisis », François Heisbourg, Survival, décembre 2015

« Deterrence at Three: US, UK and French Nuclear Cooperation », Bruno Tertrais, Jeffrey Lewis, Survival, juillet 2015

« The Return of Great Power Politics », François Heisbourg, Berlin Policy Journal, juillet-août 2015

« The French Experience: Sarkozy's War? », Camille Grand in Karl P. Mueller (ed.) Precision and Purpose : Airpower in the Libyan Civil War, Rand, juillet 2015

Understanding Deradicalization: Pathways to Enhance Transatlantic Common Perceptions and Practices, Middle East Institute, Fondation pour la recherche stratégique, June 2015

The Modest Price of Preserving Peace, Camille Grand, Carnegie Europe, March 2015

Letter From Paris, François Heisbourg, Carnegie Europe, February 2015

More Union in European Defence, François Heisbourg, CEPS, February 2015

Archives 2014

Africa Breaking Out, Camille Grand, Halifax International Security Forum, November 2014

« A Middle-East WMDFZ: diplomatic artefact or serious objective? », Camille Grand in WMD Arms Control in the Middle East, Ashgate Publishing, février 2015

« Taking Stock: A zone free of WMD and means of delivery in the Middle East », Benjamin Hautecouverture, Raphaëlle Mathiot in WMD Arms Control in the Middle East, Ashgate Publishing, November 2014

Libya and Mali Operations: Transatlantic Lessons Learned, Philippe Gros, The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF), juillet 2014

« Nuclear Proliferation - Looking Back, Thinking Ahead », François Heisbourg, in Henry Sokolski (ed.), MOVING BEYOND PRETENSE: NUCLEAR POWER AND NONPROLIFERATION, SSI and U.S. Army War College Press, June 2014

« Defense Budget Crisis May Leave Lasting Marks on France’s Military », Bruno Tertrais, World Politics Review, June 2014

Enhancing compliance of the BTWC through national implementation and other means, Jean-Pascal Zanders, EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, Workshop Report, juin 2014

Judy Asks: Will the EU Vote Bury Foreign Policy?, Camille Grand (interview), Carnegie Europe, May 2014

« Potentials and pitfalls of the Weimar Triangle », Krzysztof Soloch in Dossier stratégique : La Pologne, un acteur de la défense européenne, La lettre de l'Irsem, n°3, May 2014

« The EU Without the Euro », François Heisbourg, Survival, March 2014

« Political Issues of Satellite Telecommunications », Xavier Pasco in Governing the Geostationary Orbit, Guilhem Penent (dir.), Note de l'IFRI, January 2014

Archives 2013

« The Four Straw Men of the Apocalypse », Bruno Tertrais, Survival, December 2013

« Hollande’s Israel Visit Smoothed by France’s Iran Stance », Bruno Tertrais, World Politics Review, November 2013

« As Hopes for Nuclear Deal Rise, Iran’s Missiles Still Pose Problems », Bruno Tertrais, World Politics Review, October 2013

« An Overview of the SAFIRE Project: A Scientific Approach to Finding Indicators and Responses to Radicalisation », Jean-Luc Marret (dir.), Journal EXIT-Deutschland, vol. 2, October 2013

« Leading on the Cheap? French Security Policy in Austerity », Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, été 2013

« US Policy Change and Russian Foreign and Defense Policy Interests », Isabelle Facon, CERI STRATEGY PAPERS, n°16 – Rencontre Stratégique, July 2013

Consolidating the European Space Policy requires an evolution of its governance, which is currently structured around three main types of actor, Lucia Marta, blog EUROPP de la London School of Economics, June 2013

« Moscow's Global Foreign and Security Strategy : Does the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Meet Russian Interests? », Isabelle Facon, Asian Survey, Vol. 53, n°3, June 2013

Stocktaking Study of Military Cyber Defence Capabilities in the European Union (milCyberCAP): Unclassified Summary, Alain Esterle, Pablo Rodriguez, RAND, June 2013

Europe: spread (not lost) in space, Lucia Marta, European Union Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Brief, June 2013

« A Surprising Little War: First Lessons of Mali », François Heisbourg, Survival, April 2013

« Judy Asks : Can France Avert a New Afghanistan in Mali ? », Camille Grand, Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe (Carnegie Europe), January 2013

Archives 2012

« Star Wars Rebooted : Global Missile Defense in 2017 », Bruno Gruselle, CSWMD Proceedings, NDU, octobre 2012

« In the Shadow of the Euro Crisis », François Heisbourg, Survival, août-septembre 2012

« The Demise of Ares: The End of War as We Know It? », Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, été 2012

« A Nuclear-Armed Iran Would Not ‘Stabilize’ Anything », Bruno Tertrais, realite-eu.org, July 2012

The Geostrategic Implications of the Competition for Natural Resources: The Transatlantic Dimension, François Heisbourg, Transatlantic Academy, March 2012

All alone? What US retrenchment means for Europe and NATO, François Heisbourg, Centre for European Reform, février 2012

Archives 2011

In Defense of Deterrence: the Relevance, Morality and Cost-Effectiveness of Nuclear Weapons, Bruno Tertrais, Proliferation Papers, IFRI, n° 39, automne 2011

The Climate Wars Myth, Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, 13 p., été 2011

Archives 2010

North Africa Militant Movement, Jean-Luc Marret, on C-SPAN, Jamestown Foundation : Annual Terrorism Conference, December 2010

A Nuclear Iran and NATO, Bruno Tertrais, Survival, vol. 51, n° 6, décembre 2010

Missile Defense in NATO: A French Perspective, Bruno Gruselle, Atlantic Council of the United States, November 2010