Recherches & Documents

The Recherches & Documents (Research & Documents) collection includes longer research work conducted at FRS, including by external consultants. This work has generally benefitted from external public or private financial support.

Archives 2015

06/2015 Jihadism in the Maghreb – A Threat Assessment, Janette Uhlmann, December 2015

04/2015 US-French nuclear cooperation: its past, present and future, Jeffrey Lewis, Bruno Tertrais , October 2015

03/2015 The Directive 2009/81/EC on Defence and Security Procurement under Scrutiny, Hélène Masson, Kévin Martin, July 2015

Archives 2012

04/2012 Pakistan’s nuclear programme: a net assessment, Bruno Tertrais, June 2012

02/2012 Technology transfers and the Arms Trade Treaty - Issues and Perspectives, Bruno Gruselle, Perrine Le Meur, March 2012

01/2012 Long Range Strikes in 2025, Bruno Gruselle, February 2012

Archives 2010

09/2010 NATO and a Nuclear Iran, Bruno Tertrais, November 2010

05/2010 Space Capabilities for Crisis Management: Reducing Gaps, Improving Action, Xavier Pasco, July 2010

04/2010 The “Transfer Directive”: perceptions in European countries and recommendations, Hélène Masson, Lucia Marta, Patrick Léger, Martin Lundmark, July 2010

03/2010 Perspectives on Extended Deterrence, Bruno Tertrais, May 2010

Archives 2009

08/2009 Air and space power and security in the 21st century, Jean-Jacques Patry, Philippe Gros, June 2009

Archives 2008

02/2008 The German Debate on Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Olivier Meier, February 2008

13/2008 The New Triad, Disarmament and Strategic Stability, Bruno Gruselle, January 2008

Archives 2007

04/2007 Proliferation Networks and Financing, Bruno Gruselle, March 2007

Archives 2006

09/2006 Future Conflicts and Cruise Missiles, Bruno Gruselle, September 2006

04/2006 Development and Roles of Antimissile Defenses in Asia, Bruno Gruselle, June 2006

02/2006 Cruise Missiles & Anti-Access Strategies, Bruno Gruselle, June 2006