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« Tsai Ing-wen’s New Southbound Policy: the view from the mainland »
Antoine Bondaz, China Analysis (ECFR), other publication, May 2017
« Back to the Basics: Counterterrorism Cooperation and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation »
Marc Julienne in China and Russia : Gaming the West, ECFR, other publication, November 2016
Europe: spread (not lost) in space
Lucia Marta, European Union Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Brief, other publication, June 2013
« Judy Asks : Can France Avert a New Afghanistan in Mali ? »
Camille Grand, Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe (Carnegie Europe), other publication, January 2013
Cruise Missiles & Anti-Access Strategies
Bruno Gruselle, Recherches & Documents No. 02/2006, June 2006

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