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Notebook on International Defence Companies 2017
Hélène Masson, Kévin Martin, DGA/FRS, other publication, November 2017
The Directive 2009/81/EC on Defence and Security Procurement under Scrutiny
Hélène Masson, Kévin Martin, Recherches & Documents No. 03/2015, July 2015
Security of Supply Challenges and European Defence Technological and Industrial Base : Debates & Dilemmas (II)
Hélène Masson (ed.), Antonio Fonfría, Alessandro Marrone, Harri Mikkola, Marcin Terlikowski, note de la FRS No. 26/2013, October 2013
Defining the « European Defence Technological and Industrial Base »: Debates & Dilemmas (I)
Hélène Masson (ed.), Christian Mölling, Keith Hartley, Martin Lundmark, Krzysztof Soloch, note de la FRS No. 23/2013, July 2013
The “Transfer Directive”: perceptions in European countries and recommendations
Hélène Masson, Lucia Marta, Patrick Léger, Martin Lundmark, Recherches & Documents No. 04/2010, July 2010

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