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« Red Herring & Black Swan: A Bomb for Europe? »
Bruno Tertrais, Berlin Policy Journal, other publication, November 2018
Public hearing on nuclear deterrence
Benjamin Hautecouverture, European Parliament, other publication, July 2018
The Causes of Peace: The Role of Deterrence
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 02/2018, January 2018
« On The Brink”—Really? Revisiting Nuclear Close Calls Since 1945 »
Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, other publication, July 2017
Nuclear Weapons in Russia’s Approach to Conflict
Dave Johnson, Recherches & Documents No. 06/2016, November 2016
Nato, the F35 and European Nuclear Dilemmas
Emmanuelle Maître, note de la FRS No. 08/2016, February 2016
The Diplomacy of “Red Lines”
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 02/2016, February 2016
Russia's Evolving Nuclear Doctrine and its Implications
Elbridge Colby, note de la FRS No. 01/2016, January 2016
US-French nuclear cooperation: its past, present and future
Jeffrey Lewis, Bruno Tertrais , Recherches & Documents No. 04/2015, October 2015
In Defense of Deterrence: the Relevance, Morality and Cost-Effectiveness of Nuclear Weapons
Bruno Tertrais, Proliferation Papers, IFRI, n° 39, other publication, October 2011
The New Triad, Disarmament and Strategic Stability
Bruno Gruselle, Recherches & Documents No. 13/2008, January 2008

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