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« Red Herring & Black Swan: A Bomb for Europe? »
Bruno Tertrais, Berlin Policy Journal, other publication, November 2018
Countering hybrid threats: EU and the Western Balkans case
Isabelle Facon, Nicolas Mazzuchi & Jean-Jacques Patry, European Parliament, Sub Committee on Security and Defence, other publication, September 2018
Russia’s National Security Strategy and Military Doctrine and their Implications for the EU 
Isabelle Facon, European Parliament, Sub-Committee on Security and Defence, other publication, February 2017
Letter From Paris
François Heisbourg, Carnegie Europe, other publication, February 2015
« Nuclear Proliferation - Looking Back, Thinking Ahead »
François Heisbourg, in Henry Sokolski (ed.), MOVING BEYOND PRETENSE: NUCLEAR POWER AND NONPROLIFERATION, SSI and U.S. Army War College Press, other publication, June 2014
Defining the « European Defence Technological and Industrial Base »: Debates & Dilemmas (I)
Hélène Masson (ed.), Christian Mölling, Keith Hartley, Martin Lundmark, Krzysztof Soloch, note de la FRS No. 23/2013, July 2013
« In the Shadow of the Euro Crisis »
François Heisbourg, Survival, other publication, August 2012
The “Transfer Directive”: perceptions in European countries and recommendations
Hélène Masson, Lucia Marta, Patrick Léger, Martin Lundmark, Recherches & Documents No. 04/2010, July 2010
Judy Asks : Is Europe Tough Enough on China?
François Heisbourg (interview), Carnegie Europe, 17 January 2019
China European Union

6 post-Cold War taboos Europe must now face
François Heisbourg & Maximilian Terhalle, Politico, 28 December 2018
Germany France Defence Policy Foreign policy European Union

Judy Asks : Is Macron Isolated in Europe?
François heisbourg (interview), Carnegie Europe, 22 November 2018
France European Union

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