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Countering hybrid threats: EU and the Western Balkans case
Isabelle Facon, Nicolas Mazzuchi & Jean-Jacques Patry, Parlement européen, other publication, September 2018
Russia’s National Security Strategy and Military Doctrine and their Implications for the EU 
Isabelle Facon, European Parliament, Sub-Committee on Security and Defence, other publication, February 2017
« Russian Strategic Culture in the 21st Century: Redefining the West-East Balance »
Isabelle Facon in Strategic Asia 2016-17: Understanding Strategic Cultures in the Asia-Pacific, The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), other publication, January 2017
« Judy Asks : Can France Avert a New Afghanistan in Mali ? »
Camille Grand, Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe (Carnegie Europe), other publication, January 2013
Uncertain Afghanistan
Yves Boyer & Franz Borkenhagen, note de la FRS No. 09/2008, April 2008

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