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The Grim Gamble of the Trump Administration on Iran
Emmanuelle Maitre, ELN Commentary, other publication, November 2017
The Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation: Relevance to African States
Nicolas Kasprzyk, Emmanuelle Maitre, Xavier Pasco, Noël Stott, Institute for Security Studies (ISS), other publication, October 2016
« Nuclear Proliferation - Looking Back, Thinking Ahead »
François Heisbourg, in Henry Sokolski (ed.), MOVING BEYOND PRETENSE: NUCLEAR POWER AND NONPROLIFERATION, SSI and U.S. Army War College Press, other publication, June 2014
Pakistan’s nuclear programme: a net assessment
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 04/2012, June 2012
NATO and a Nuclear Iran
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 09/2010, November 2010
Proliferation Networks and Financing
Bruno Gruselle, Recherches & Documents No. 04/2007, March 2007
Proliferation networks : between Sopranos and Supermarket
Guillaume Schlumberger & Bruno Gruselle, note de la FRS No. 36/2006, August 2006

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