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Countering hybrid threats: EU and the Western Balkans case
Isabelle Facon, Nicolas Mazzuchi & Jean-Jacques Patry, European Parliament, Sub Committee on Security and Defence, other publication, September 2018
Reforming Ukrainian Defense: No Shortage of Challenge
Isabelle Facon, Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 101, IFRI, other publication, May 2017
Russia’s National Security Strategy and Military Doctrine and their Implications for the EU 
Isabelle Facon, European Parliament, Sub-Committee on Security and Defence, other publication, February 2017
« Russian Strategic Culture in the 21st Century: Redefining the West-East Balance »
Isabelle Facon in Strategic Asia 2016-17: Understanding Strategic Cultures in the Asia-Pacific, The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), other publication, January 2017
Nuclear Weapons in Russia’s Approach to Conflict
Dave Johnson, Recherches & Documents No. 06/2016, November 2016
Yamal LNG: an economic project under political pressure
Aurélie Bros, Tatiana A. Mitrova, note de la FRS No. 17/2016, August 2016
Russia's Evolving Nuclear Doctrine and its Implications
Elbridge Colby, note de la FRS No. 01/2016, January 2016

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