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The Mechanisms of Prevention and Detection of CBRN Illegal Material Transfers Across Borders and Within the EU
Elisande Nexon & Claude Wachtel, European Parliament (Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, TERR), other publication, May 2018
« Back to the Basics: Counterterrorism Cooperation and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation »
Marc Julienne in China and Russia : Gaming the West, ECFR, other publication, November 2016
« Radical Islamic Terrorism in France: A Structural Threat? »
Jean-François Daguzan in Daesh and the terrorist threat: from the Middle East to Europe, FEPS & Fondazione Italianieuropei, other publication, August 2016
Understanding Deradicalization: Pathways to Enhance Transatlantic Common Perceptions and Practices
Middle East Institute, Fondation pour la recherche stratégique, other publication, June 2015
Oslo terrorist attacks: Analysis, consequences and lessons learned
Jean-Luc Marret & Emmanuel Clavaud, note de la FRS No. 13/2011, August 2011
North Africa Militant Movement
Jean-Luc Marret, on C-SPAN, Jamestown Foundation : Annual Terrorism Conference, other publication, December 2010

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