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The Grim Gamble of the Trump Administration on Iran
Emmanuelle Maitre, ELN Commentary, other publication, November 2017
« The Emperor vs the Adults: Donald Trump and Wilhelm II »
François Heisbourg, Survival, other publication, March 2017
The effects of Finland's possible NATO membership
François Heisbourg, Mats Bergquist, René Nyberg, Teija Tiilikainen, Finland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other publication, April 2016
The PLA reforms : Tightening control over the military
Marc Julienne in « Xi's army : Reform and loyalty in the PLA », China Analysis, other publication, March 2016
« Judy Asks : Can France Avert a New Afghanistan in Mali ? »
Camille Grand, Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe (Carnegie Europe), other publication, January 2013
Long Range Strikes in 2025
Bruno Gruselle, Recherches & Documents No. 01/2012, February 2012
The New Triad, Disarmament and Strategic Stability
Bruno Gruselle, Recherches & Documents No. 13/2008, January 2008

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