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Public hearing on nuclear deterrence
Benjamin Hautecouverture, European Parliament, other publication, July 2018
The Causes of Peace: The Role of Deterrence
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 02/2018, January 2018
« On The Brink”—Really? Revisiting Nuclear Close Calls Since 1945 »
Bruno Tertrais, The Washington Quarterly, other publication, July 2017
The effects of Finland's possible NATO membership
François Heisbourg, Mats Bergquist, René Nyberg, Teija Tiilikainen, Finland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other publication, April 2016
The PLA reforms : Tightening control over the military
Marc Julienne in « Xi's army : Reform and loyalty in the PLA », China Analysis, other publication, March 2016
Nato, the F35 and European Nuclear Dilemmas
Emmanuelle Maître, note de la FRS No. 08/2016, February 2016
Russia's Evolving Nuclear Doctrine and its Implications
Elbridge Colby, note de la FRS No. 01/2016, January 2016
« Nuclear Proliferation - Looking Back, Thinking Ahead »
François Heisbourg, in Henry Sokolski (ed.), MOVING BEYOND PRETENSE: NUCLEAR POWER AND NONPROLIFERATION, SSI and U.S. Army War College Press, other publication, June 2014
Pakistan’s nuclear programme: a net assessment
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 04/2012, June 2012
NATO and a Nuclear Iran
Bruno Tertrais, Recherches & Documents No. 09/2010, November 2010
The German Debate on Tactical Nuclear Weapons
Olivier Meier, Recherches & Documents No. 02/2008, February 2008

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