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This category includes publications signed by FRS researchers in journals and books in France, in Europe or abroad, as well as certain other, exceptional publications.

Latest publications

Towards a new missile crisis in Europe?

Emmanuelle Maitre,

Atlantisch perspectief, n°2

, June 6, 2023

Syria: A Multifaceted and Challenging Crisis for EU Foreign and Security Policy

Agnès Levallois (among the authors),

JOINT EU Research Papers, n°17

, June 2, 2023

The Vicious Circle of Fragmentation: The EU and the Limits of Its Approach to Libya

Caterina Bedin (among the authors),

JOINT EU Research Papers, n° 15

, June 1, 2023

« The Consequences for Europe of a Successful Chinese Invasion of Taiwan »

Bruno Tertrais (among the authors),

Pacific ForumThe World After Taiwan's Fall, Issues & Insights, Vol 23, SR 2

, February 2023

The EU as an (In)Significant Player in Libya

Aude Thomas (among the authors),

JOINT Brief EU n°23

, November 30, 2022

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