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This category includes publications signed by FRS researchers in journals and books in France, in Europe or abroad, as well as certain other, exceptional publications.

Latest publications

Is Nuclear Deterrence a Cost-Effective Policy ?

Bruno Tertrais,

in The Sheathed Sword: From Nuclear Brink to No First Use, Prakash Menon, Aditya Ramanathan (eds), Bloomsbury Publishing

, October 3, 2022

The Evolving Role of Europe

Antoine Bondaz,

in The Political Economy of North Korea : Domestic, Regional, and Global Dynamics, Min-Hua Chiang (ed.), Lynne Rienner Publishers

, October 3, 2022

« Does the Rise of China Threaten the Transatlantic Partnership? »

Philippe Le Corre (among the authors),

in The China Questions 2 : Critical Insights into US-China Relations, M.A. Carrai, J. Rudolph, M. Szonyi (eds), Harvard University Press

, September 20, 2022

« Nuclear Deterrence and Strategic Stability in Europe: French Positions and Perceptions »

Benjamin Hautecouverture,

in Arms Control and Europe : New Challenges and Prospects for Strategic Stability, P. Sinovets & W. Alberque, Springer

, 2022

Arms Control and Delivery Vehicles: Challenges and Ways Forward

Emmanuelle Maitre,

Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Vol. 5, n°1

, March 21, 2022

Real and Imagined Challenges to Strategic Stability

Bruno Tertrais,

HCSS (The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies)

, 14 February 2022

Working paper on strategic risk reduction

Emmanuelle Maitre, Benjamin Hautecouverture (among the contributors),

European Leadership Network (ELN)

, janvier 2022

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